Big Data Analytics : Why you should learn this

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There is a big hype these days about the big data analytics. Let’s take a look to analyze the scope, salary trends, tools to learn this and why you should learn Big Data analytics and data science.

Big data is not something that is 15 Gigabyte or 30 Petabyte. I would say whenever, a data set exceeds the capacity of a person, individual or a firm’s storage capacity or the ability to analyze the data, that time that data becomes Big data.

Big Data is something that you can’t deal with traditional methods. Big data is large amount of data that you can use to generate the knowledge out it, to create visualization that can help a business to go from the bottom to boom. It helps in finding out the pitfalls and the market trends. In our daily life we deal with so many different data machines around us and we don’t realize it, for example an ATM machine that generates a large amount of data, and the satellites that create enormous amount of data. This way the demands of people knowing about how to deal with such a large amount of data is increasing. Big data analytics has a vivid scope and job demand will go on increase for this. So, what are you waiting for. Keep on checking this blog for more information since I’ll be writing about the following topics soon:

As far as salaries are concerned, big data salaries are good.

The characteristics of Big Data

A strategy of Big Data

What are Big Data Systems and Use cases

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