Humanity Awaken: When she came for help, my trust in Humanity became alive

Hola friends, today I wanted to share the goodness with you all how a stranger girl helped me in need and that invoked my sleeping humanity. I experienced two sides of life on the same day. Saturday was a busy day and I went for an interview in Gurgaon (now known as Gurugram), Haryana. Although, most of the places in Gurgaon are hardly one to two kilometers apart, still one has to bear the expensive auto or taxi fare on their pocket. For a fresher jobseeker, this becomes quite heavy on their pocket where they are bearing the cost of living in a strange city. I also found that moving from one place to another in Gurgaon is costlier than reaching Gurgaon from Delhi ;p

So, I am sharing my first incident of the day. I was on my way to interview venue in an auto when an older couple asked for a ride in the auto (btw I was in a shared auto). The couple wanted to go to a point to which the auto driver refused. Then, they asked for him to drop to the nearby auto spot for their destination. The couple seemed to be very tired of walking. The auto spot was hardly at 5 minutes distance but the auto driver refused to help this older couple and I felt bad for them. Although, there was just I in his big auto but he chose to drive it as an empty cart rather than helping someone. He can easily drop the couple and show his kind nature with a small task of humanity. That insensitive feeling of the auto driver left me in an upset mood with his decision.

Well, when I was done with my interview process. I was looking for the bus stop and when I google it, it showed that the bus stop is around 1.2KM far from my current place. I am someone who likes to walk a lot but that day I was very tired so I started looking for an auto.

In my research to find a good auto for myself which is not too heavy on my pocket, I found none. Most of the autos were asking for a fare of around 80-120rs for a ride of 1.2KM and that wasn’t shocking for me. Then, a girl on a scooty was observing me. She came and asked the auto how much you are charging for this ride. She was stunned and said it won’t take even 30rs to you and offered me a ride on her scooty.


I was quite surprised with such a gesture from a stranger lady. I accepted her offer and sat on his scooty. She asked me where I am going. Then her eagle eyes saw a bus that I should have caught if I was on time. She drove very fast to catch the bus for me and for me this was like a filmy scene, but no this was all for real. In few minutes I was standing in front of the bus and able to catch the bus just because of that stranger lady. I couldn’t thank her in a good way but we passed smile when the bus was leaving and my whole journey was very delightful with this other side of human nature. So, when she came for help, my trust for humanity became alive.

Yes my friends, good people still exist in this world 🙂

Share your own stories if you have helped someone or somebody has helped you in similar way.



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