IBPS SO – IT Officer

Hi to all my friends who are preparing for any computer post. After researching a lot, I found we don’t find the good content that covers all section of exam like IBPS SO – IT Officer. Are you one of them?

IBPS SO - IT Officer

Don’t worry, I am sharing all the good content with you, so that you can score well. Learn computer concepts and rock the exams like IBPS Specialist Officer, SBI or any other goverment computer post.

Go through the following links to cover computer subject for government exams one by one:

  1. Malicious Program/Malware Concepts
  2. Questionnaire on Malwares
  3. Data Mining Concept
  4. Questionnaire on Data Mining
  5. Computer Network
  6. Questionnaire on Computer Network
  7. Different Standards – IEEE, ISO
  8. Questionnaire on Different Standards – IEEE, ISO
  9. Operating System
  10. Questionnaire on Operating System
  11. Database Management System
  12. Previous year Questions on DBMS