Why Indian Parents are so worried about Society?

Hi Friends, like any other Indian man or woman, I always wondered why our parents are so worried about society all the time. Why don’t they do what they love, instead they will do what the society wants them to do or like them to do. Being a girl, I have felt this pressure is sometimes unbearable. My grandmother has those ancient thought process till now and I don’t understand who created those stupid society rules to bind girls for several things… Eat fastly..don’t laugh too loud, don’t go outside… blah blah… Who made these nonsense rules? And we.. the human being known as the smartest species on earth are not using our brain to break these illogical rules? Why the middle class in India not opposing and not coming out of these illogical rules.

Why Old ladies from 90s didn’t Oppose:

I always wondered what could have blocked their mind. Why the old Indian ladies didn’t voice up for those nonsense society rules? Why they followed the path of unhappiness and named it as “Sacrifice” for the sake of running household… saying it’s in the hands of woman to run a house.

Direct Association of Everything to Social Status and Respect:

One big reason why Middle class in Family is always so worries about the society norms is the direct linkage of each and everything in our life to social status. People judge each other by their clothes, their way of talking, walking , eating and so much… People feel happiness in someone’s pain. And we the human beings have magnified this illusion of social status so much…. that we are afraid in doing every little thing. We think ten times like what would people think. They will make fun of us. And we all are doing it for this fake social status and to get the useless respect in society in the eyes of those people who actually will never help you in your needy time. Then why worry for such people?

Building Marriage Pressure on Daughter:

I want to ask is this necessary to build and increase pressure in your daughter’s mind to be a perfect wife in future. To learn household chores to be a perfect daughter-in-law and not to stand on your feet. To laugh but not openly? Sacrifice so much that you forget your own identity? Who made these nonsense rules?

Middle Class Family Issues:

Middle class in India

I am not sure about how a lower middle class or upper middle class family handles this pressure of society. The talks of those 4 people of society who snatched so much out of my life for no reason. e.g. I wanted to go out with my friends.. but my parents would not allow me simply because what would other people say or see if they will see me going out with my guy friends? I have seen a lot and I don’t know till this age who these 4 people of our society who are always ready to talk nonsense. N why we bother so much about other when we know people would never stop and they will keep on talking nonsense things. Then why worry about them?

Middle Class in India

While other families adjust the lines of society… there comes the stage of “Middle class family”. The problem belonging to a middle class family is you will never find yourself in peace. People from middle class family try to match up their standards with the rich one for the sake of making big names in the eyes of the society. For this, they sacrifice their hard-earned money like water in marriages and other social events. But on the other hand they can not spend a penny on their child’s wish if that wish is not rewarding them anything in Society’s eyes. They become modern according to their comfort. This middle class in India is sacrificing a lot. This these middle class families of India can neither satisfy the needs of the society (by the way no class can… huh) nor they are able to satisfy the needs of their children. Thus they face major unhappiness phases in their life… financially..mentally and physically…..

To summarizing up… the middle class in India wants…

  • Parents want their children to show up in crown… but they want them to follow what the crowd wants
  • Daughters tolerate the pressure of getting trained to be a perfect wife some day
  • Do what the society wants… if your child wants a laptop but the society wants shit… parents will spend their hard earned money on shit

—-Huh… A frustrated middle class child… 🙁

Guys feel free to share your thoughts over this…

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